Jim Acosta Responds To Sarah Sanders’ Friday Morning ‘GMA’ Fail


Jim Acosta has a wicked sense of humor, that is something that even Republicans can’t deny. His ability to make you laugh in the midst of the biggest government meltdown in American history is something he will be remembered for long after Trump leaves office.

Friday morning, Sarah Sanders got schooled by George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America. The respected anchor called her bluff when she said her repeated lies about Jim Comey were just slips of the tongue. Over and over.

Stephanopoulos responded by explaining that slips are accidents, and they stop being accidents when you repeat them, to which Sanders flipped out, shouting, “I’m sorry I’m not a robot like the Democrats.”

Jim Acosta, like most Americans, loved every minute of it. Acosta said this to Anderson Cooper Friday:

“In the press corps I think ‘lost confidence’ would be an expression that might be used by some of my colleagues. But then again, there have been concerns about what Sarah has been saying for some time now, I think that just goes without saying.”

Acosta continued:

“For some time we just haven’t heard from Sarah Sanders in the White House press corps. We’ve only had two White House press briefings in the last 100 days which is a pretty staggering data point, I think, for somebody who is a taxpayer funded public servant, somebody working on behalf of the taxpayers.”

“Until Sarah deals with it in a more effective way than she did this morning, where she was just sort of shouting at news anchors asking legitimate questions. this conversation about whether or not Sarah should continue is just something we’re going to be hearing about for the — until she really deals with this.”

Anderson Cooper then brought up the fact that Sarah Sanders isn’t alone in her dishonesty, pointing out that even Rod Rosenstein had been asked to lie to the American people.

Acosta responded:

“They do not view talking to the public, talking to the press in the same way that they view talking to the FBI or talking in a situation where they could perjure themselves. They view lying to the press as another day at the office.”

“I hate to put it in those terms because it sounds rather harsh. What Sarah Sanders is getting raked over for over the last 24 hours memorialized in the Mueller report, remember Sean Spicer was doing that before Sarah Sanders became the White House press secretary.”

“It has, I think, shaken the confidence in the American people in terms of what they’re hearing coming out of the White House. They can’t keep gaslighting the American people from their taxpayer-funded positions inside of the White House.”