Sanders Flips Out On ‘GMA,’ After Mueller Report Reveals She Targeted Comey


Sarah Sanders’ worst nightmares came true on Thursday when it was revealed in the Mueller report that she had, in fact, admitted to lying about James Comey being an untrustworthy entity in the FBI. The lies were completely unfounded, as Sanders told Mueller to avoid committing perjury.

Yesterday, following the release of the report, Sanders called her lies about Comey a “slip of the tongue,” but she repeated that slip multiple times, making it the opposite of a slip. She was intentionally trying to ruin the former FBI Director’s reputation with remarks claiming that his fellow agents thanked her for getting him fired.

Now, Sanders has hit the morning talk show circuit to discuss this revelation that has many people calling for her immediate resignation. Good Morning America’s George Stephanopoulos called Sanders out for lying about her slip of the tongue:

“That’s not a slip of the tongue, Sarah, that’s a deliberate false statement.”

The president’s paid circus monkey responded with even more lies. Sanders said:

“Actually, if you look at what I said, I said the slip of the tongue was in using the word ‘countless,’” Sanders explained. “There were a number of FBI [agents], former and current, that agreed with the president’s decision.”

Stephanopoulos didn’t give her any slack. He responded to her claims by pointing at the Mueller report and reminding her that she told federal investigators that her Comey claims “were not founded on anything.”

Sarah shot back:

“It was in the heat of the moment, meaning that it wasn’t a scripted talking point. I’m sorry that I wasn’t a robot like the Democrat Party.”

People watching the video via Twitter were amazed at how Sarah Sanders can even keep a straight face when she knows that everyone knows she’s lying about lying. We saved the best reactions to the GMA tweet below: