Trump Has Screaming, Cursing Meltdown On Twitter Over Mueller Report


Donald Trump woke up on Friday morning to the realization that his and the GOP’s attempts to spin the Mueller report into a positive for the president did not work. His reaction to that is not how anyone would expect a president to behave, but it’s exactly what we all knew President Trump would do.

Two hours later, Trump had never finished that statement. Apparently, he’s having a rough time spinning all of this.

The “notes” Trump is referring to are not jotted down like grocery lists in a stray notebook. White House notes written by White House officials go into an official record and are not written down when needed to make a political point during a federal investigation. There is a reason that notes are used as evidence in an investigation, and that’s because no one can go back and amend them. They capture a particular moment in time, and in Trump’s case, they capture some damning moments.

The difference between Trump’s reaction to the Mueller report on the day it was summarized by his hand-picked Attorney General William Barr and the day the full (although heavily redacted) report was released is telling. Just as Mueller’s investigators said after Barr summarized the conclusions as “no collusion, no obstruction,” the actual report is far more damaging than Barr let on. In fact, it’s so damaging, it’s more than enough to get Trump impeached.

The impeachment standards for Presidents Nixon and Clinton were far lower. Nixon knew he was caught red-handed and resigned to save himself the embarrassment. If only Trump would do the same, it would save the country so much turmoil. Trump is far too self-serving, however, to consider that.

Twitter is not letting Trump get away with these lies about the report. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license