Trump Tweets Embarrassing Video About Mueller & Gets Hammered


Special Counsel Robert Mueller is still getting on Trump’s nerves well after the conclusion of his Russia investigation. This weekend, the day after a golf outing with Rush Limbaugh in Florida, a strange attempt to mask propaganda as legitimate information went up on Donald Trump’s personal Twitter profile. The video claims that it’ll be describing the “Mueller Investigation By The Numbers,” but to suggest that it fails to paint an accurate picture of the whole story would be a gross understatement. Yet again, Trump and his associates are basing their entire platform on relentless lying.

The video highlights a number of key numbers from the Mueller probe while leaving out other key ones that would completely destroy Trump’s point. For instance, there’s a reference to the supposed “$30 million+” spent on the probe and the “18 Angry Democrats” behind it — and no mention of the six former Trump associates who faced criminal charges as a result of the inquiry. Those criminals whose conduct Trump just wants us to forget about include his former lawyer Michael Cohen, former campaign manager Paul Manafort, former lower level advisers Rick Gates and George Papadopoulos, former national security adviser Michael Flynn, and longtime associate turned cheerleader turned elaborately scheming liar, Roger Stone. Stone’s trial on charges of obstruction of justice begins later this year.

Similarly to those omissions, the video does not mention the numerous other individuals and entities to face criminal charges as a result of the Russia probe. For instance, Mueller’s team slapped 25 Russian nationals with criminal charges related both to the theft of emails from Democrats and concurrent misinformation campaigns targeting the 2016 elections. Trump’s little video doesn’t mention that. It is a blatant misinformation campaign.

Besides, it’s not like he’s complained about the costs of other government efforts. He wants billions of dollars — not millions, billions — to construct a southern border wall that his imaginary criminals can just go around.

His claim that he’s trying to do so under the banner of “no collusion and no obstruction” is false. Robert Mueller did not conclude Trump was innocent of obstruction of justice, instead kicking the issue to Congress. It’s Trump shill Attorney General William Barr who stepped in to assert Trump is innocent.

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