Trump Wakes In Pre-Dawn Mueller Panic, Writes Damning Twitter Essay


The president tweeted four times in one hour Saturday morning, before the sun had even risen on the west coast. Trump is furious that people are actually reading the Mueller Report, which clearly states that the president is not innocent of collusion or obstruction, and that it is up to congress to act on those crimes.

After binge watching cable television all morning, and seeing that even his beloved Fox News is letting the truth be known about the crimes Mueller found him guilty of, Trump is in a literal tailspin, in what is being called the death rattle of his administration.

Check out Trump’s fear, which can be seen all over the internet:


Then back to his original train of thought..

Folks on Twitter immediately revolted against the president’s repeated lies to the American people, as well as his obvious guilt. We saved the best reactions to Trump’s tweet below: