W.H. Announces Trump’s Saturday Schedule & People Are Livid


Remember that national emergency declaration Trump signed over the supposed crisis at the southern border? The president doesn’t seem to. This weekend, the White House released photos of Donald Trump palling around with conservative talking head Rush Limbaugh and professional golfer Lexi Thompson out on the golf course the day before. The photos are rare, to say the least, considering the Trump White House often brushes over the president’s golf outings. This time around, they’ve swung the exact opposite direction, although it’s unclear why.

The golf trip to the Trump-branded course in Palm Beach, Florida, came the day after a redacted version of the final report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation dropped, so perhaps the president’s team wanted to portray him as unfazed by the investigation’s findings.

If that’s the case, Trump himself has undercut that notion with his repeated angry Twitter meltdowns about the Mueller report, which he denounced as full of “total bullshit.” He called it the “Crazy Mueller Report, in itself written by 18 Angry Democrat Trump Haters” and added what’s basically a threat to those who are behind it, asserting that it is time to “turn the tables and bring justice to some very sick and dangerous people who have committed very serious crimes, perhaps even Spying or Treason.”

Screenshot-2019-04-20-at-1.25.41-PM W.H. Announces Trump's Saturday Schedule & People Are Livid Donald Trump Politics Top Stories

Screenshot-2019-04-20-at-1.25.32-PM W.H. Announces Trump's Saturday Schedule & People Are Livid Donald Trump Politics Top Stories

Screenshot-2019-04-20-at-1.25.20-PM W.H. Announces Trump's Saturday Schedule & People Are Livid Donald Trump Politics Top Stories

To be clear — although it’s certainly unclear what exactly the forever-bumbling Trump might have had in mind — one of the possible consequences for “treason” is death. That’s how far Trump is going in his attempts to drag his opponents through the mud in similar fashion to what sparked a significant prong of the investigation in the first place! Those above-cited tweets to that effect actually might be partially explained by how heartily the Trump team seems to have embraced him golfing with Limbaugh. The last one after an ellipsis got posted hours after its immediate predecessor. Apparently golfing distracted him from actually seeing his finished thought through or something.

Although Mueller concluded that there was no criminally prosecutable conspiracy between the Trump team and Russia — and although the president just keeps ranting about how corrupt the whole operation supposedly was — there remain significant clouds of concern hanging over his presidency. Mueller’s report outlines a number of instances of apparent obstruction of justice in which the issue holding back criminal charges was much more about the technicalities of charging a sitting president than actual guilt. Mueller’s report punts the question of what to do about that to Congress, where calls to impeach Trump have been picking up.

Still, few probably expect Trump to change his ways anytime soon. As of this weekend, he’s at least visited a property branded with his own name for about 30 percent of his presidency, and he’s hit a Trump-branded golf course for about 22 percent of his time in office. There’s no turning back now.

Trump has also long maintained an attachment to conservative commentators like Limbaugh, keeping in close contact with similar figures like Lou Dobbs and Sean Hannity and even prioritizing their advice above that of his own staff.

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