Trump Tweets About Sri Lanka Attacks After Suspects Identified As Muslims


Easter Sunday was a dark day that saw the loss of over 200 lives in Sri Lanka. As Christians around the world gathered to acknowledge Easter, the day they believe Jesus resurrected from the grave, a group of misled people were set to attack them in their places of worship. Numerous bombs went off, causing mass destruction and bloodshed.

Naturally, the second President Trump heard that the terrorists claimed to be Muslim while going against everything Islam teaches, he spoke out about the attacks, and offered to do all he could to help the Sri Lankan government.

This is something he refuses to do for Americans living in Puerto Rico.

Trump just tweeted this:

Americans on Twitter have had enough with the president’s obvious pandering in the name of bringing more attention to Islamic hate groups than their white supremacist counterparts.

Below are the best reactions Trump got on his tweet.