Trump Tweets Total Chaos During Monday Bi-Polar Madness


Donald Trump has been busy using his executive time to not only watch Fox News but to swallow it as if it was great gulps of air. The men on his television set appeared nearly real as they jumped on POTUS’ side of the Mueller report, vindicating the president and soothing his bruised ego. Little does he know, Trump nearly all of his supporters can read. They will see what special counsel Robert Mueller has written, and it is damning. The tweeter-in-chief could not wait to attempt to bamboozle the voters once again.

The man who occasionally sits in the Oval Office wanted to appear as if he did something other than tell jokes to little kids at the annual White House Egg Roll, which they did not get. Trump tweeted that he was doing presidential tasks:

‘Spoke to the Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte, mostly concerning Immigration, Taxes, Trade, and the Economy of both of our countries. Very good call!’

Then, the president got down in the weeds with his Fox buddies. He found Fox’s Lou Dobbs and retweeted the ultra-conservative talk show host reminding people about the legal refugees:


Next, the president found a Fox commentator who was willing to dump on President Barack Obama, Byron York:

‘”The Obama Administration did not do itself proud in this.”’

The following one must have been a breath of Mueller-free air. The big man in the White House quoted Fox’s Gregg Jarrett saying “NO CONSPIRACY, COORDINATION or COLLUSION:”

‘”A very exculpatory section of the Mueller Report: NO CONSPIRACY, COORDINATION or COLLUSION with the Trump Campaign and the Russians. You can’t be more clear than that!'”

Trump was grateful that Fox had turned away from presidential candidate and senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT). In fact, 45 was so relieved that all he could do was sink back in bed and say:

‘Thank you.’

Soon, Trump has his second breath. He noticed that the Mueller investigators never called on people the president said were “closest to me.” Of course, he may not realize that people are not interviewed, because they are subjects of this or another investigation. The president tweeted:

‘Isn’t it amazing that the people who were closest to me, by far, and knew the Campaign better than anyone, were never even called to testify before Mueller. The reason is that the 18 Angry Democrats knew they would all say ‘NO COLLUSION’ and only very good things!’

Finally, POTUS decided that his people should hear his big joke from the White House Easter Egg Roll:

‘Today, @FLOTUS Melania and I are honored to host the 2019 @WhiteHouse Easter Egg Roll! ‘

Twitter world went bananas. Check out some of our favorites below: