Los Angeles Pays Tribute To Obama, Trump’s Head Explodes With Envy


No matter Trump’s fervent efforts to undo his legacy, former President Barack Obama remains popular across the United States. The city of Los Angeles, California, has now unveiled their plans for the renaming of a street in honor of Obama that was unanimously approved by the city council last August. The city will be hosting a street celebration on May 4 that will include a host of musical performers besides other fanfare.

L.A. City Council President Herb Wesson — who was behind the original proposal seeing its present fulfillment — tweeted:

‘It’s here! Join us May 4 for the Obama Blvd. naming ceremony and street festival. The event is FREE to the public, but tickets are limited, so sign up to reserve your spot today.’

The particular location to be renamed in honor of Obama is near a spot he held a rally back in 2007 as his presidential campaign got underway. Obama Boulevard will include a 3.7 mile stretch of what’s now known as Rodeo Road that intersects with the city’s Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

The Obamas have maintained a high prominence since leaving the White House through means other than this. For instance, former First Lady Michelle Obama’s memoir Becoming was recently revealed as on track to become the best-selling memoir of all time, with around ten million copies and counting sold. That’s no small feat. She’s been supporting her book with a lengthy world tour featuring public conversations with associates of all sorts. Barack, meanwhile, has a memoir in development that is geared up to be smashing success if Michelle’s book is any indication.

They’ve also conducted an array of other public appearances, like when they visited the Smithsonian Institution in D.C. early last year for the unveiling of their official portraits. Michelle’s actually had to be moved because demand for viewing was so high that the original location couldn’t accommodate the crowds.

The family has also kept up work with their foundation, which maintains programs supporting development both at home and abroad. In Oakland, California, recently on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of his “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative supporting youth members of minority communities, the former president asserted of those who’ve benefited:

‘We had to be able to say to them, “you matter, we care about you, we believe in you and we are going to make sure that you have the opportunities and chances to move forward just like everybody else.”‘

Michelle, meanwhile, besides bringing attention to pressing issues like the 2020 presidential elections in recent months via her book tour has also pitched in on efforts like national voter registration drives ahead of the midterm elections last year.

The events combine to paint a picture of a family still working to push American society forward even years after leaving the White House.

Meanwhile, the presidency’s current occupant continues to define himself by lies and egotism. He routinely complains about Democrats being supposedly unwilling to work with him to help the American people — or whatever — but has “great” ideas like dialing back health coverage for millions of Americans via repealing ObamaCare and spending billions to build a border wall to block criminals who aren’t there.