Trump Goes On Tuesday Night Twitter Rant Like A Mushroom @#&%


Donald Trump has two defenses of his “NO COLLUSION! NO OBSTRUCTION!” stance: he won the election so nothing he did matters and the economy is doing well, so who cares? Unfortunately, neither of those arguments are likely to help him should an impeachment vote be taken up in Congress.

The stock market did, indeed, hit an all-time high on Tuesday. Most of Trump’s claims about the economy, especially when he talks about “all-time records” and the “greatest ever economy,” are untrue, but this time, he’s correct. The lie, however, comes in when one considers why the stock market has soared.

According to economists who write for The New York Times, the stock market is doing well thanks to the policies of Federal Reserve, the head of which Trump appointed but wants to fire because his directions on lowering interest rates are not being followed. Tuesday’s stock market success is not thanks to Trump and his policies, it’s despite them.

Trump’s claim that the success of the economy, which is still riding a wave created by President Obama after the collapse of the U.S. economy, should save him from impeachment is absurd. If a good economy made a president immune to impeachment and investigations, Monica Lewinsky’s name would exist in obscurity and President Clinton would have never been impeached.

Of course, Trump always has friends at Fox News to argue his absurd claims. Rush Limbaugh, responding to Hillary Clinton’s answers to an interviewer asking about her opinion on the Mueller report, relied heavily on some of the same nastiness and ridiculousness that Trump spews on a regular basis.

‘You talk about sour grapes. This is a woman’s been rejected by the American people twice, rejected by her party in 2008, she had to rig the primaries against crazy Bernie in 2016 to get the nomination, she is the last person who ought to be listened to about what ought to happen to Donald Trump. She hasn’t accomplished anything anywhere near what Donald Trump has accomplished. She is in no position here to sit here and say what she saw in the Mueller report…she has no credibility here as far as I’m concerned.’

Actually, the American people rejected Trump. Clinton won the popular vote by more than three million votes. Trump’s “accomplishments” are limited to winning an election via the electoral college by stoking the same type of racist rhetoric that Limbaugh often spouts on his radio show, rhetoric that has lost him advertisers and been condemned by the American public numerous times over the years. If Limbaugh is the best Trump has, he’s not winning.

Twitter had many thoughts on Trump’s Twitter tantrums. Read some of their comments below:

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