Federal Judge Makes Dramatic Ruling Against Trump To Protect Women


Donald Trump’s 2016 and 2020 campaigns have been all about protecting the people who followed him. This group of people includes those whose factory jobs let them walk in the middle-class slip down across the border to Mexico and beyond. They include those who did not have health care until President Barack Obama came into office. Still, these people idolize Trump, much like row after row of mesmerized nonthinkers. Each act of cruelty POTUS inflicts upon them gets worse. This is just the latest.

The man who would be king has tried to gut Planned Parenthood by remaking the Title X federal family planning program. He installed changes that could remove the funding from any organization that offered abortions or even those who referred patients to providers who do offer them. Planned Parenthood offers far more than abortions. Its clinics offer cheap health care.

Oregon U.S. District Judge Michael McShane announced he would give his formal opinion shortly on Trump’s plan. In the meantime, the Obama-appointed judge who will “grant a preliminary injunction” against those changes, according to POLITICO. If the judge did not, Trump’s remake of Title X would begin on May 3.

Planned Parenthood and the American Medical Association (AMA) joined over 20 states in a case arguing that Trump’s rules should be blocked or struck down. They claimed that the White House has interfered “with patients’ rights to counseling on pregnancy options and oversteps the administration’s authority.”

The Oregon judge said that Trump’s restrictions were:

‘(A) ham-fisted approach to public health policy.”

On the other hand, the judge was reluctant to get involved in “national health care” lawmaking. The clinics provide low-cost health care to hundreds of thousands of patients. Otherwise, these patients would either go to the emergency rooms after delaying a health care need until it was much worse or just go without health care. Lives are involved.

President of Planned Parenthood (Planned Parenthood Federation of America) Leana Wen released a statement calling the decision “a victory.” She vowed to continue the fight against Trump and in Congress. Wen said the judge offered:

‘(A) victory for patients and doctors.’

The American Medical Association (AMA)’s president Barbara McAneny released a statement supporting the judge’s decision. It said that the rule would have been a barrier between low-income patients and all health care:

‘We are pleased the judge shared the AMA’s concern about the physician-patient relationship that the rule would have jeopardized.’

Trump argued that the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS):

‘(U)pheld a similar Title X rule issued by the Reagan administration that was never fully implemented. The Justice Department also argued the rule is justified because, despite a longstanding ban on federal funding for abortions, groups like Planned Parenthood could “co-mingle” their federal income for contraceptive services and screenings with other funding used for abortion care.’

A group of medical providers and advocacy groups plus nearly two dozen states filed a number of suits blocking Trump’s Title X remake. Just a week ago, a court in San Francisco heard arguments. This week, courts in Maine and Washington state will hear arguments.