Trump Explodes Out Of Bed For Shameless Tweet-Storm & It’s Bad


The president of the United States is probably the most shameless person you will ever listen to in your lifetime. No one knows how he became this way, although his privileged life points us in a few directions. It’s also not known if he’s always been like this or if his relentless Twitter rants are actually just due to his elderly synapses misfiring. One thing we do know, we are sick of this man running the country.

Look at the weird rant he went on AGAIN to claim that he was an innocent man:

Then he suddenly changed direction, like usual, and commented on Joe Biden’s bid for the presidency. This is what he had to say:

The responses Trump got on his tweets were exactly what you’d expect for comments about a lunatic’s ravings on the internet. We saved the best responses for you below: