Trump Tantrum Explodes After Federal Judge Rules Against Him


One hot-button issue that Donald Trump will continue to misconstrue throughout the 2020 election cycle is the issue of late-term abortion, particularly abortions performed after 24 weeks. Only four abortion providers in the country will perform them and only if the fetus has already been determined to be incompatible with life, which means a woman whose fetus has died or is dying needs a referral to have that abortion performed. Trump issued a “gag order,” a ban that will remove funding from clinics receiving federal funding who provide those referrals.

The city of Baltimore filed a lawsuit again Trump over the order, saying it will cost the city more than 1.4 million dollars in reproductive health care funding, particularly for Planned Parenthood. An estimated 16,000 residents use Planned Parenthood for family planning and reproductive health services, and providers there say the ban would undermine their ability to treat patients and inform them of their options.

U.S. District Judge Michael J. McShane placed a temporary hold on the order while Baltimore argues its case.

According to The Baltimore Sun:

‘In March, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services issued new rules for so-called Title X funding. The rules could, in particular, cost health provider Planned Parenthood millions. They may open ways for other health providers — ones opposed to abortion — to receive money under the federal program.’

Trump’s newfound abhorrence of abortion (he once proclaimed to be in full support of abortion rights and famously suggested one of his mistresses have one) can be attributed to his continued need for evangelical support. The issue of late-term abortions has created all new outrage in the religious community and misinformation about the procedure and the necessity of it are included in all their proclamations about them.

‘The new rule is supported by anti-abortion campaigners, who say they want clear lines between organizations that get federal funding and those that provide abortions.’

While Judge McShane has not yet ruled on the constitutionality of the gag rule, it’s likely that he’ll block the order from ever going to effect. Reports say that McShane has called the rule “ham-fisted” and “prevents doctors from behaving like medical professionals.”

‘The city filed the lawsuit Friday. On Monday, Baltimore’s lawyers asked a federal judge to stop the rule from going into effect while the case plays out in court.’

The rule would prevent women from making their own reproductive healthcare choices at emotionally devastating times in their lives and prevent doctors from recommending a procedure that is legal under the U.S. Constitution. Baltimore County Health Commissioner Dr. Letitia Dzirasa said:

‘An end to Title X funding would have a devastating impact on the residents served. As a health department, we cannot stand idly by as funding is being pulled. We will continue to pursue justice in this case on behalf of the residents of Baltimore city.’

Featured image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license