Biden Masterfully Responds To Trump Attacks Like Americas’s Next President


The president of the United States is a hot mess express the likes of which we have never seen before in history, and we have some pretty messed up stuff in our history. He is childish, immature, illiterate, and possibly a tad bit mentally defective. His attacks on anyone who opposes him have become a White House regular as criticism of his policies and remarks have struck a nerve with even the most staunch Republicans, although, they will never admit it.

So when Trump went after Biden’s age Friday morning, claiming that he was low-energy with nothing really to offer the presidency, Biden couldn’t help but shoot back a retort. To be clear, Trump said that he himself is nothing like Biden because he feels like a:
<blockquote>”Young, vibrant man.”</blockquote>

Biden’s response on <em>The View¬†</em>went viral in minutes. The 77 year old candidate said:
<blockquote>”If he looks young and vibrant compared to me, I should probably go home.”</blockquote>

And that’s pretty much the nicest way possible to say that the president looks like a bloated, over-tanned weirdo with a turkey neck.