Congressman Appears On Sunday TV To Make Trump Impeachment Announcement



Attorney General William Barr certainly did the job Trump hired him to do. Despite the fact that the Mueller report listed numerous incidents of, at the very least, attempted obstruction of justice as well as proof that the Trump 2016 presidential campaign team knew that Russia was interfering in the 2016 elections, benefited from those efforts, and told no one, Trump and his supporters have fully latched on to the “no collusion, no obstruction” narrative.

In his report, Mueller indicated that many of the officials that Trump allowed to speak with the special prosecutor openly lied in answers to his questions. Further, Trump never testified, so his actual involvement and willingness to be transparent is, at this point, still unclear.

Rep. Cedric Richmond said on CBS News on Sunday that the only way Americans will ever know the truth is through impeachment proceedings that force Trump to testify under oath.

According to CBS News, Richmond said:

‘I think it’s the best way to get all of the facts out. I also believe that at some point we have to hear from this president, whether he’s lying to us or not.’

Like most sane Americans, Richmond believes that the Mueller report already shows evidence of multiple crimes, making impeachment not just a possibility, but an imperative. Moving forward and allowing Trump to escape any consequences for his shady, unethical, and possibly illegal activities sets a dangerous precedent in which the United States acquires a new unimpeachable dictator every four to eight years.

‘This president has attempted to collude, if that’s the word he wants to use. He’s attempted to obstruct justice at the least. At the worst, he’s obstructed justice.’

Even two more years of Trump in the White House, now that he believes he is untouchable and cannot be held accountable by either the Justice Department nor the legislative body of Congress is frightening. Richmond agreed and said ousting Trump is his most important goal.

‘I am very concerned about this president’s fitness for office. I’m very concerned about the crimes that I believe that he has committed or that the report certainly suggests that he has committed. So I’m fine going either way but my goal is for him not to be president next term.’

For the full segment, see video below:

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