Obama Show Up Trump With Instantly Viral Weekend Message To America


The official “First President of the Social Media Age” is back at it again, updating the public on his favorite articles this time around. Those who know about Obama’s high intellect, will not be shocked to see that he reads, and he reads a lot. Not just books, either.

Just hours ago, former president Barack Obama posted to his Facebook page links to articles he’s read “over the past few weeks” that have stuck with him.

‘I’ve always loved weekends because they provide me with a little extra time to make my way through the books and articles I’d been meaning to dig into. Here are a handful articles I’ve read over the past few weeks that stuck with me.

Now, I don’t always agree with every single thing that’s in them and, in fact, occasionally they contain things that are critical of my record as president. But one of the thing I strive toward is finding smart, thoughtful writing from people who have a different political perspective than I do.’

Obama wants to express that he hopes his article shares will help the public be better-informed, even going as far and in-depth as to suggest we all pause and take a good, hard look at policy changes, from technology to criminal justice.

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Obama’s always had a pretty decent upper-hand with social media. Many media outlets even claim that he was the first social-media president. He’s kept a long-running tradition now of sharing his “Favorites” list towards the end of every year, such as sharing with the public his love of music. He was and remains to be, pretty hip.

To read the articles Obama thinks you should check out, click here to view the full list and access the links.

The country sure has come a long way from a president who used his social media accounts to unite and inspire, to today’s president, who uses social media platforms to dog whistle, share far right-wing propaganda and raise eyebrows with copyright infringement claims.

As Michelle Obama said in 2017, you “don’t” have to “tweet every thought.”

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.