Second Federal Judge Blocks GOP Measures, Shredding Trump In The Process


On Monday, a Federal Judge in Oregon issued a national injunction against Trump and the GOP’s reckless measure that would cut off funding to Planned Parenthood and other non-profit family clinics that are there specifically to help low-income families, especially women, get the care they need. These clinics provide procedures like mammograms (which would be VERY expensive without insurance coverage, if these places didn’t exist), pap-smears and women well checks. These clinics even provide care for diagnoses such as thyroid disorders, but because some of these organizations perform abortions, of course, Trump and the GOP want to stop funding them.

In his ruling, U.S. District Judge Michael McShane called the proposed rule “madness” stating:

‘At worst, it is a ham-fisted approach to health policy that recklessly disregards the health outcomes of women, families, and communities. In the guise of ‘program integrity,’ the Gag Rule prevents doctors from behaving like informed professionals.

‘It prevents counselors from providing comprehensive counseling. It prevents low-income women from making an informed and independent medical decision.’

AMA President, Barbara McAneney, praised Judge McShane’s ruling and said in a statement Monday:

‘In siding with patients and doctors in this case, the judge decisively said the free exchange of medical information is an essential patient right.

‘The AMA will not stand by when the government interferes with the patient-doctor relationship by foisting a gag rule on physicians. Patients trusting their doctors is the foundation of good health, and there must be open communication about health care options.’

This is the second ruling against the reckless measure after another federal judge in Washington state blocked it on Friday.

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