Trump Hosts Basketball Champs For ‘Hamberders’ & The Response Is Hilarious


On Monday, Trump hosted the women’s NCAA championship basketball team for “lunch” at the White House. The Baylor Lady Bears are the first women’s team to attend a solo celebratory reception at the White House, though Trump and other former presidents have hosted receptions for groups of women representing many teams in the past.

Trump met with the Lady Bears’ coach, Kim Mulkey as well as the players in the Oval Office, where they celebrated the team’s championship victory where they beat Notre Dame 82-81.

“I watched that last game, and that was a tough, rough game with Notre Dame,” Trump said.

The team gave Trump a championship jersey with his name, as well as a championship hat and ball which was signed by all of the players. Trump, being his ever-ridiculous self, put on the hat and said:

“I’ll mess up my hair, but that’s OK!”

Trump also praised Coach Kim Mulkey, who has been with the team since 2000. After citing a list of Mulkey’s many accomplishments, Trump asked her:

‘Would you like to work at the White House, by any chance?’

Mulkey, not even hesitating, answered with a very self-assured tone, “No.” We don’t blame her.


The Lady Bears tweeted about their visit, and while we are sure they weren’t exactly thrilled to eat cold “hamberders” and fries, they were of course very gracious. Trump retweeted their post:

Most people refrained from being too negative with replies since the tweet originated from the Lady Bears account (we’re pretty certain Trump did that purposefully), but that didn’t stop others from making some jokes. We had to grab a few of those for you because they are quite funny:

The team looks thrilled here:

And of course, the irony of Sarah Sanders’ outfit wasn’t lost on anyone today. Perhaps her stylist secretly hates her?

Another clever Twitter user pointed out the utter disgust on the coach’s face:

Sadly, not all of the responses were funny, but they did make good points:

Featured image via Twitter