Biden Talks Tuesday Trump Impeachment – GOP Explodes With Rage


Democrats have a dilemma. Donald Trump jumps out of the box with a move more audacious than the last. That leaves Democrats just catching their breaths before he jumps out of another box. What the Democratic party must learn is how to keep one step ahead of the man with no shame or at least keep even. Yet, that is not enough. The Democrats in Congress must do more.

Member of the House Judiciary Committee Shiela Jackson (D-TX) appeared on MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes. Hayes asked her why the committee gave Attorney General William Barr a heads up that the committee’s attorneys were going to interview him. She responded that the Democrats were going to maintain decorum. That might be a fatal flaw, but former vice president and running presidential candidate Joe Biden had some thoughts on the matter.

ABC’s Good Morning America caught the first interview with Biden and his wife Dr. Jill Biden since he announced his run for president. Biden noted that now was not the right time to impeach Trump. He said that Congress should continue with their public investigations. However, impeachment was still on the table, he said:

‘There are elements of the report in the second phase of the report — about seven or eight things that are left undone. [Mueller] was not within his purview to investigate, he thought. The Congress is attempting to take that up.’

The former VP continued:

‘What the Congress should do, and they are doing, is investigate that. And if in fact– if in fact they block the investigation, they have no alternative but to go to the only other Constitutional resort they have, which is impeachment. But my job in the meantime is to make sure he’s not back as president of the United States of America.’

Biden has been trouble when several women came forward and said that he got into their space and that made them uncomfortable. They added that it was not sexual in the least. MSNBC’s Morning Joe host Mike Brzezinski said that she was tired of this subject, given the thousands upon thousands of people that he has comforted when compared to a couple of women’s space. The former senator and VP said he was learning from his mistakes:

‘I’ve always thought that part of leadership, part of politics was listening to people, hearing them, making them feel comfortable. It’s my responsibility to be more sensitive to whether or not someone wants me to reassure them or wants to say hello or wants to show affection and support. And that’s my responsibility.’

Dr. Biden added:

‘I think what you don’t realize is how many people approach Joe. Men and women, looking for comfort or empathy. But going forward, I think he’s gonna have to judge — be a better judge — of when people approach him, how he’s going to react. That he maybe shouldn’t approach them.’

On the economy, Biden came through for the middle class:

‘What I’d say is did you get any benefit from the tax cut? Have your re– your wages really gone up to what you think you deserve? Do your employers treat you with any more respect and dignity than they did before?’

How would Biden respond to Donald Trump’s motto of “Make America Great Again? His answer was “Make America moral again:”

‘Make America moral again. Make America– you know, return to the essence of who we are, the dignity of the country, the dignity of people, treating our people with dignity.’