Kellyanne’s Attack On Biden & Sanders Just Boomeranged Hard


There are few people who can speak more quickly than Donald Trump’s talking head and Counsel to the President Kellyanne Conway. She is as deeply embedded with this administration or more so than Attorney General William Barr. Interestingly, Conway’s husband well-known Washington attorney and legal scholar George Conway III is a strong anti-Trump advocate. They should have an interesting dinner tonight after what she said today.

Mrs. Conway was POTUS’ last 2016 presidential campaign manager. She spoke to a gaggle of White House reporters the day after former vice president Joe Biden entered the field and called him a liar. Kellyanne Conway referred the reporters to the question of why President Barack Obama did not endorse Biden, who replied that he asked Obama to not endorse him, according to The Washington Examiner:

‘I know (Biden) said that, “I asked President Obama not to endorse me, I am too busy getting the endorsement of the firefighters”… Do any of you believe that? You let him get away with his first lie. Why did you do that?’

National Hearst correspondent Sally Kidd was one of the reporters at the gaggle. She pointed out that Conway also accused the former VP of not making sense:

‘”You can make a speech but you don’t have to make sense, apparently..” @KellyannePolls slamming @JoeBiden “Is he for Medicare for All…” cuz, if so, “Obamacare didn’t work”…

Then, Conway proposed that people should question Biden about why there was a number of people in the country without health insurance¬†“nine years after Obama-Biden-care passed.”

Mrs. Conway told reporters today that all of the Democratic voters could be “racist and sexist.” Why? She tried to prove her point with circular logic. She said the reason was that all of the leading Democrat presidential candidates were white men:

‘What is the problem with the Democratic primary electorate, are they racist and sexist?” Conway told reporters on the White House driveway. “Do they not want all these women who are running, all these people of color? Because apparently you’ve got the two old white straight men career politicians in the lead.’

Biden entered the Democratic field in first place, partially due to his name recognition after serving eight years as President Barak Obama’s vice president. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) came in at second place. He ran in 2016 as a Democrat against former Obama secretary of state Hillary Clinton. Conway hit Sanders, too.

‘I think Bernie Sanders doesn’t care what his party thinks, is connecting directly with people, and is raising money in small amounts, and goes out and has very specific points of view, which is why he’s got a following. He’s a lot like Donald Trump, except for good ideas, and ideas that are mainstream, and ideas that are part of a democracy and not socialism.’

CBS White House reporter Kathryn Watson tweeted:

‘Kellyanne Conway gaggled with reporters for more than half an hour this a.m., which is longer than many press briefings with @PressSec. When we had press briefings, that is.’