New York State Makes Trump Tax Returns Announcement


In a lawsuit responding to a House investigation, Mr. Trump has sued a pair of banks to prevent them from providing Trump family financial records to Congress pursuant to subpoenas.

Now, it has been reported that on Tuesday, a New York state Senate committee advanced legislation that would allow U.S. congressional committees to ask for the president’s state tax returns.

Democratic leaders say they expect a vote on the floor next week. This measure would also allow New York’s Tax Department to release state tax returns to a congressional committee if requested.

According to Newsday:

‘Democrats said the bill was about oversight, accountability and Trump’s unwillingness to make his returns public, which ended a long-running tradition by presidential candidates. A state tax return could reveal much of the same information as a federal one.’

According to Senator Brian Benjamin (D-Manhattan), chairman of the Senate Budget and Revenue Committee:

‘If the federal government isn’t prepared to deliver the transparency and accountability the American people deserve, New York will.’

Congressional Democrats have requested Trump’s tax returns.

According to U.S. News & World Report:

‘But Trump says he won’t release them because he is under audit, although the IRS says an audit doesn’t bar public release. He has also said the filings are too complex for people to understand.’

During the state Senate committee meeting, the bill’s sponsor Senator Brad Holyman (D-Manhattan) said:

‘New York state does this all the time in terms of sharing tax returns, state returns, with other states, with the IRS, with other federal departments.’

Featured image is a screenshot from YouTube