Elizabeth Warren Live Tweets During Barr Hearing & Goes Viral Fast


Thanks to their bumbling ineptitude, the Trump team’s troubles are far from over. After further revelations about just how far off course Trump appointee Attorney General William Barr really went with his handling of the final report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, presidential candidate and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has now called on Barr to resign.

She asserted:

‘AG Barr is a disgrace, and his alarming efforts to suppress the Mueller report show that he’s not a credible head of federal law enforcement. He should resign—and based on the actual facts in the Mueller report, Congress should begin impeachment proceedings against the President.’

The call figures in a broader picture of scrutiny unfolding this week; the attorney general was scheduled to face questioning from the House and Senate Judiciary Committees. This Tuesday, news dropped that Mueller himself had told Barr he dissented from the summary he’d shared of the findings from his probe, weeks before the attorney general sat in front of Congress and claimed to have no idea what media reports were talking about that claimed Mueller’s team had broken with him.

Barr had indicated that the probe cleared the president to a much greater extent than it actually did. He even stepped in to clear the president of obstruction of justice allegations where the report clearly neither itself did so nor delegated Barr the responsibility.

News has also emerged that Mueller had repeatedly pressed Barr to release the summaries that he himself had prepared covering his probe’s final report rather than sticking to the Trump appointee-led Justice Department’s work. Barr refused to do so, and then this Wednesday, blamed Mueller himself for the delay in getting a copy of the report out to the public, complaining that the special counsel’s team hadn’t explicitly set aside material that should be redacted.

In other words, the train of Barr’s alarming behavior in service of Donald Trump keeps chugging on and on. Other Democratic leaders like House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) have also called on him to resign. Warren, meanwhile, has now repeatedly been at the front of the pack on issues like this recently, having been the first presidential candidate to call for the impeachment of Trump in the wake of the Mueller report.

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