Mueller Testimony Under Oath Power Move By Democrats Announced


Attorney General William Barr stonewalled the Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats when he testified this week, and he did not even bother to show for the House Judiciary Committee as they sat overlooking an empty chair. As a result, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) called him out, called the Republicans out, and Donald Trump, too. Plus, she still has a hand full of cards to play.

The House Judiciary Committee has made an end run around AG Barr. Committee Chair Jerry Nadler (D-NY) has gone straight to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team, and they are now in talks about “potential testimony,” MSNBC’s The Beat’s host Ari Melber tweeted:

‘BREAKING: The House Judiciary Committee is now directly in talks with Mueller’s team about potential testimony’

Then, ABC political reporter Ben Siegel tweeted that the committee was talking to the Mueller team about a “hearing w/(with) special counsel:”

‘The House Judiciary Committee is now in direct contact w/(with) Robert Mueller’s team about a potential hearing w/ special counsel, per a source familiar w/(with) conversations. Previously, they were dealing with DOJ. Dems want May 15 hearing, but nothing has been finalized.’

Alex Moe with NBC News tweeted that “no date has been set,” but it appeared that talks were well on their way:

‘A source familiar says House Judiciary has begun discussions directly w/ Mueller’s team about coming to testify before the cmte (committee) but nothing has been finalized at this point + no date has been set. Previously the Cmte had been in discussions w/ DOJ regarding Mueller’s testimony’

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