Member Of Judiciary Committee Makes Unexpected Mueller Statement


Donald Trump and his Roy Cohnesque attorney general William Barr made it clear that they would not allow anyone who was currently or formerly in the White House testify before the Democratically held House of Representatives. During his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee though, Barr made a terrible mistake.

The attorney general told Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) that he did not really want to respond to her question about Trump finances, why not just ask Mueller? That was a green light to the Democrats. White House Bureau Chief of VOA Steve Herman tweeted:

‘Special counsel Mueller and @HouseJudiciary tentatively agree on May 15 for his testimony on #Russia investigation, @davidcicilline says on @FoxNewsSunday.’

Then, Representative David Cicilline (D-RI) tweeted a walk back, saying “nothing has been agreed to yet:”

‘Just to clarify: we are aiming to bring Mueller in on the 15th, but nothing has been agreed to yet. That’s the date the Committee has proposed, and we hope the Special Counsel will agree to it. Sorry for the confusion.’

Cicilline told Fox News Sunday:

‘The White House has so far indicated they would not interfere with Mr. Mueller’s attempts to testify, we hope that won’t change.’

Then, the Rhode Island representative noted that thus far, they had no “compliance yet” from the attorney general:

‘We obviously have to wait until the morning to see if the attorney general will comply.’

Cicilline reported what Judiciary Committee Chair Jerrold (Jerry) Nadler had said. Should Barr not produce the unredacted version of the Mueller Report along with underlying evidence, the chairman would “move forward with a contempt citation” against Barr:

‘The chairman has been very patient, trying to accommodate the attorney general in every way. But the members of our committee need to see the full report and the supporting documents so we can continue to do our work, conduct oversight in a responsible and sober way. So, I hope the attorney general will comply.’

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