Trump Finds Out Mueller Is Testifying And Goes Into Total Panic Mode On Twitter


On Sunday, it was announced that Special Counsel Robert Mueller would be testifying in front of the House Judiciary Committee on May 15th to give his version of events during the investigation of Russia’s attempts to offer help to the 2016 Trump campaign, the campaign’s receptiveness to that help, and the efforts of Donald Trump to impede that investigation. In true Trump fashion, the president then did what he always does and went into a complete public meltdown on Twitter.

Nothing is “over,” and nothing was good in that report for Trump. Despite the special counsel’s words saying that the report does not exonerate Trump and that the campaign was receptive in many instances to the Kremlin’s offers of assistance during the presidential elections, Trump still insists that the report was good news for him. Anyone who can read can confirm that Trump is lying.

Should Trump attempt to keep Mueller from testifying, it should be read as more ongoing efforts by the president to keep the truth from the American people. Rallies should be held, the American people should march, and justice should be demanded. The fact that Trump has managed to not completely destroy the progress that President Obama made in recovering the American economy has no bearing on this case. Evidence in the Mueller probe showed that Trump committed crimes. That is the one and only factor in this case.

Fox News and the GOP’s attempts to spin the origins of the investigation should work to convince absolutely no one. The vast majority of Americans are well aware that Trump has been dishonest about the Mueller investigation and real, honest answers to their questions should be put forward immediately.

Twitter is not buying Trump’s nonsense. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license