Trump Launches Into 14th Straight Twitter Rant Of The Day & It’s A Doozy


The president is so clearly mentally unstable that his daily tweeting is beyond transparent in its desperation. The harder his life gets, the more incoherent, and downright incriminating, his posts get. Social media may just end up being the final straw that breaks the back of his administration, especially if he keeps doing things like he just did.

Trump just tweeted this, basically begging Bob Mueller not to testify before the House Judiciary Committee, as he was asked to:

Really? REALLY?

Could he be any more obvious in his guilt? Why else would he care if Mueller testified before the committee? And why in the hell would he think that Mueller would ever listen to him? Could this really all be a ploy to built suspicion in his uneducated followers?


People on Twitter weren’t very happy about it, to say the least.¬†Below are the best comments left on the tweets above: