Judiciary Committee Holds AG Barr In Contempt For Defying Subpoena


Donald Trump has deep authoritarian leanings, and he has been doing his best to undermine the power of the Democrat-led House of Representatives. The president has already whipped the Senate into being his lapdogs. The way the commander-in-chief has tried to hurt the House investigations was to ignore subpoenas to the Department of Justice (DOJ) and other past and present staff members plus subpoenas for documents. Tensions are rising.

CNN’s senior Congressional correspondent Manu Raju tweeted that the House Judiciary Committee voted to “hold AG Barr in contempt” (Attorney General William Barr) for not sending over the “full Mueller report and underlying evidence:”

‘NEW: House Judiciary to vote Wednesday to hold AG Barr in contempt after Dem subpoena demands for full Mueller report and underlying evidence are not met. Live on @CNN now’

Just now, Raju added to his latest tweet. He said that this was “the first time” the House had to come down hard on a Trump official for “defying a Congressional subpoena” as trouble brews:

‘The vote to hold Barr in contempt marks the first time that House Democrats are moving to punish a Trump administration official for defying a congressional subpoena and represents a dramatic escalation in tensions between Democrats and the White House.’

The House Judiciary Committee chair Representative Jerrold (Jerry) Nadler (D-NY) has given Barr every opportunity to comply with his demands. Some say that he has been building a case against the attorney general, layer by layer. This latest subpoena was for the full, unredacted Mueller report and all of the underlying evidence.

Barr released an inappropriate four-page summary with a false bottom line last month, claiming that Trump was innocent. Mueller called Barr and sent him two letters countermanding the AG’s statements.

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