Ivanka Shuts Her Mouth After Backlash For Spreading Lies


When Ivanka Trump tries praising her father for accomplishments that don’t really belong to him, Twitter also shows up to teach her some facts. Unfortunately, facts mean little to the Trump family.

That much is true; the unemployment rate is 3.6 percent, the lowest since 1969. That, of course, is not the entire story. If it comes from a person whose last name is Trump, it’s never the whole story if it’s even the truth at all.

Image via FactCheck.org

Although the unemployment rate is the lowest since 1969, Trump’s record on job creation and unemployment reduction are not all he cracks it up to be. According to Market Watch, Trump’s numbers aren’t bad, but they’re nothing historic. In fact, they show similar numbers to those in 2014 and are lower than in 2015, both of which were Obama years.

Image via FactCheck.org

A comparison of presidents and their job creation numbers shows that job numbers are better and more steady under Democratic presidents. Trump’s record of growth is nowhere near the average for a Democratic president, no matter how many times he brags that the economy is doing so well under his presidency.

Image via FactCheck.org

More important than job creation and unemployment rates, however, are wage increases. An influx of low-paying jobs doesn’t do as much to boost the middle class as paying people middle-class wages for the full-time jobs they hold. Under President Obama, wages increased by 5.3 percent. Under Trump, wages have risen by 3.2 percent.

Twitter is well aware of these facts and provided them for Ivanka in short order. However, we all know facts are a Trump’s kryptonite, so they’re efforts are likely all in vain. Read some of their comments below:

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