Producers On ‘The View’ Spill Guts About Meghan McCain Hatred To Tabloid


What happens when a television show that addresses politics every day has a conflict of interest? Fox News has been called Trump TV or a right-wing propaganda network. Yet, occasionally it comes out against Donald Trump, and it had Senator Bernie Sanders in a town hall meeting. Of course, POTUS let them know how angry he was about that, but this is one woman he cannot silence.

ABC’s The View is a long-running show, beginning in 1997. The women co-hosts take on politics in a segment called Hot Topics. Daughter of Senator John McCain (R-AZ) deceased, Meghan McCain holds up the conservative portion of the segment with the exception of Trump. Yet, she likely faked a two-day illness to skip the news cycle about her new father-in-law, Secretary of the Interior Doug Domenech. He faced ethics violations.

The View producers thought that McCain has faked being sick, according to the tabloid The DailyMailTV:

‘She took off to avoid having to talk about her husband’s dad and everyone knew it.’

A DailyMailTV source said:

‘She comes on the show daily and says she hates Donald Trump and has benefited from the president’s attack on her late father. So for it to be revealed that her father-in-law not only works for the president, but is now under an ethics investigation, she was humiliated and conveniently sick for two days.’

McCain’s husband Ben Domenech had to resign from The Washington Post in 2006 after being accused of plagiarism. Then, in 2010 he wrote that Supreme Court Justice nominee Elena Kagan was gay. He apologized. Additionally, he wrote a “favorable propaganda piece” about the Malaysian government in return for $36,000 from it. His editors pulled his articles.

One source said:

‘She always says that she likes to keep her private life private, but if you notice she never has any issues talking about her late father, her mother Cindy McCain or her 107-year-old grandmother Roberta. She doesn’t like talking about her husband because he has a very checkered past.’

A different source said:

‘Let’s face it, she’s a hypocrite! She touts conservative values and principles, but I guess those principles apply to everyone except the person she decided to marry.¬†How can you sit at that table and question the integrity of politicians and other newsworthy personalities who come on that show when your husband has an shamefully questionable past,’ the source sounded off.’

Another source said:

‘But you best believe that the next time she decides to get disrespectful with Joy Behar during a heated exchange in hot topics, Joy will be ready to bring the topic up. And everyone who watches the show knows that the best way to shut Meghan up, is to drop a bag of truth in her lap. She’ll shut down and be quiet the rest of the show!’

When McCain returned, she was just in time to hit the news cycle featuring former vice president Joe Biden’s latest news. The two of them are close, and he comforted her during her father’s fatal illness.