Trump Has White Hot Wednesday Night Meltdown In Florida (VIDEO)


Tonight in Panama City, FL, Trump held one of his “I’m president and you’re not” MAGA rallies which, once again, was nothing short of ridiculous.

Before heading to Florida, Trump took to Twitter to announce his imminent arrival:

Predictably, he then boasted about his “yuge” crowds, while taking the time to plug his favorite “news” network:

During his speech, Trump had the audacity to suggest that he could stay in office for “10-14 years” stating that it would be a great way to provoke the media and said:

‘There’ll be headlines tomorrow: “Donald Trump wants to break Constitution!”‘

He then went to say that it’s okay because “in six years, they’re all going to be out of business.”

And, of course, it wouldn’t be a MAGA rally if Trump didn’t mock a few people. This time 2020 Democratic candidate Peter Buttigieg, whose name Trump just kept repeating over and over for no apparent reason, was one of his victims. Trump said that he couldn’t WAIT to see Buttigieg try to take on the Chinese president, suggesting that it would be comical to watch.

‘We have a young man, Buttigieg… Boot-edge-edge. They say “edge-edge.”

‘He’s got a great chance. He’ll be great. He’ll be great representing against President Xi of China!  it’ll be great!

‘I wanna be in that room. I want to watch that one…’

Trump then set his sights on Beto O’Rourke, whose numbers have continued to fall in recent national polls:

‘I went to Texas and I made a speech, and Beto, Beto, boy has he fallen like a rock! What the hell happened to Beto?’

There were also many references to “Sleepy Joe Biden” as well as “Crazy Bernie.”

Coincidentally, this rally was held just a few hours after Trump and his White House asserted executive privilege over Mueller’s unredacted report, prompting House Democrats to cite William Barr for contempt of Congress after he illegally refused to release the full report. Trump didn’t bring today’s events up during his “everyone loves me” rally, but he did say that this investigation and the Democrats’ insistence on probing his campaign and business practices would most definitely backfire politically.

‘They want to do investigations instead of investments. I think it drives us onto victory in 2020.’

He then called the Democrats’ investigation a “disgrace” and said they should be focused on other things, like helping Florida with hurricane relief, and then he blamed the party for keeping him from doing that.

‘Did you see what just happened by the way? No collusion. No obstruction. No anything.

‘They should be focused on helping the people of the emerald coast of Florida.’

Those funds, of course, remain tied up over a larger relief package that would not only help Florida, but also ravaged Puerto Rico, who Trump seems to think has received enough money despite the fact that some areas are still without clean water and electricity.

During a moment when he was talking about his big beautiful wall that he’s still planning to build along the Southern border, Trump mentioned that we couldn’t use weapons against illegal immigrants, and wondered “how do we stop them from crossing?”

“Shoot them!” shouted a person in the crowd, to which our so-called “president” replied with an evil grin:

‘That’s only in the Panhandle you can get away with that statement.’

You can watch the rally in full below:

Featured image via screenshot