Mitch McConnell Supports Trump Jr. Subpoena – Is Trump Behind It?


It seems as though Mitch McConnell is starting to understand that his ongoing political career depends on his every move, during the current Mueller report showdown that’s happening in Washington.

Per a tweet from New York Times reporter Nicholas Fandos, it was revealed that Mitch may be more in support of the Donald Trump Jr. subpoena from the Senate Intelligence committee, than many might believe.

On Wednesday the chairman of the committee, Sen. Richard Bur (R-NC), made Republican heads explode with the unexpected move of subpoenaing Donald Trump’s son, Don Jr., to testify in Congress about his ties to Russia.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), took the time to chime in on Twitter:

As oversight would have it, there are still many unanswered questions surrounding the Trump ties to Russia, including the infamous Trump Tower meeting that happened in June of 2016. Donald Trump Jr. was questioned by Senate Judiciary Committee staff members in 2017.

The transcript is chalk-full of “I don’t recall’s” and “I don’t know’s.” You can view the full transcript here.

Earlier today Trump was questioned about the subpoena by the press. In part, he said:

‘I was very surprised. My son is a very good person, works very hard. The last thing he needs is Washington, D.C. I think he’d rather not ever be involved.

‘He’s now testified for 20 hours or something, a massive amount of time.

‘The Mueller report came out, and that’s the bible, and they said he did nothing wrong.’

Check out the video above. Notice his bizarre cooing as he attempts to make the case for Don Jr. It’s quite ridiculous. Instead of saying what you think, let the committee decide by doing their job.

The closed-door move by McConnell comes after just two days ago when he took to the Senate floor to declare of the Mueller report: “Case closed.” Is Mitch McConnell beginning to see the light?

It’s amazing how things can change in Washington in the timespan of only 48 hours.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.