Prominent GOP Charity President Busted In Racist Video About ‘N*ggers’


Turning Point USA styles itself the “community organizers of the right,” but most of what they do consists of rallying for racists to be allowed to be racists and cry that white conservatives are the real victims of the U.S. “culture wars.” They also can’t seem to stop making the GOP look like the party of racism, and the GOP can thank Donald Trump and his supporters for that.

On Thursday, the chapter president of Turning Point USA at University of Nevada Las Vegas, Riley Grislar, posted video on social media of himself and his girlfriend shouting “white power,” flashing the “OK” sign that has become a dog whistle for racism, and yelling “f*ck the n*ggers!” The video quickly went viral and on Friday, the conservative group booted Grislar from its membership rolls.

‘As soon as the video in question came to the attention of Turning Point USA staff, we swiftly and permanently removed the student from any current or future involvement with our organization. His comments were abhorrent, un-American, and disqualifying.’

Normally, the organization would find some way to spin Grislar’s words and insist that people who were offended by it are just a bunch of “snowflakes.” However, there wasn’t much spin that could be put on this, even after the former communications director for the organization somehow managed to spin her speech at a Turning Point USA rally where she justified Hitler’s actions by saying he would have been okay if he had just “wanted to make Germany great again.”

Owens stepped down from the organization eight days before Grislar’s exposure.

‘Turning Point is an amazing organization that is fighting a cultural war on college campuses. We love our freedom-fighting students. We love our campus clashes.’

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The group routinely denies that the “OK” hand signal is anything related to racism, but Grislar’s use of the sign makes it harder and harder for the organization to be believed. It’s president, Charlie Kirk, regularly uses it, and is pictured above sharing a moment of solidarity in using the hand signal with none other than Riley Grislar himself.

Featured image screenshot via Twitter