Trump’s Spring Approval Ratings Are In & He Is Losing His Marbles


The president is having a really bad week. Nothing is going his way, especially after he spent days praising Mueller for his report, only to read it and find out it’s not so good. So, naturally, the trainwreck-in-chief went on a ridiculous Twitter rant this morning after finally reading the report, which only made him look guiltier.

Now, even more bad news for Trump. His approval ratings have dropped three points in the days since the redacted report was made public.

According to Reuters:

“The number of Americans who approve of President Donald Trump dropped by 3 percentage points to the lowest level of the year following the release of a special counsel report detailing Russian interference in the last U.S. presidential election, according to an exclusive Reuters/Ipsos public opinion poll.”

The report continues:

“The poll, conducted Thursday afternoon to Friday morning, is the first national survey to measure the response from the American public after the U.S. Justice Department released Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s 448-page report that recounted numerous occasions in which Trump may have interfered with the investigation.”

“According to the poll, 37 percent of adults in the United States approved of Trump’s performance in office, down from 40 percent in a similar poll conducted on April 15 and matching the lowest level of the year. That is also down from 43 percent in a poll conducted shortly after U.S. Attorney General William Barr circulated a summary of the report in March.”

“In his report, Mueller said his investigation did not establish that the Trump campaign had coordinated with Russians. However, investigators did find “multiple acts by the President that were capable of exerting undue influence over law enforcement investigations.””