Trump Goes Ballistic On Twitter Over Firing Bob Mueller & Gets Bashed


In the short time he has been in office, Donald Trump has managed to create, then break, then break again, his own record for “false or misleading claims,” known to ordinary people as “lies.” At over 10,000 proven lies, and counting, Trump has out-lied every other president in US history.

Now, he is trying to break his own record, tweeting:

Of course, there is plenty of proof that Trump did, indeed, order Mueller fired.

There is also plenty of proof that his terrible tariffs are hurting American farmers, not China.

Twitter users were having none of it:

Some people just wanted free ad space:

Others wanted to name call:

Most, however, had more relevant things to say:

While some users were graphic, others made their points more eruditely:

This user decided to use a chart, possibly remembering Trump’s dislike of reading:

All in all, Trump’s lies, combines with his abysmal lack of even the most basic understanding of how the economy works, spell more trouble for US farmers, as well as the rest of us.