Unhinged Trump Tweets 24 Times Before Dawn Like A Turd With No Life


There was a time when Donald Trump seemed to have at least some proficiency in using Twitter to his best advantage. His tweets were racist, sexist, and nauseating, but he got the attention he wanted and garnered support among the deplorables of the world. Now, his Twitter feed looks more like a desperate last gasp of a failed celebrity, businessman, and president.

Just like the long, nonsensical rants Trump goes on during rallies, his Twitter feed has little rhyme or reason to its relentless onslaught of lies and misinformation. Several of his Saturday morning retweets defended Donald Trump, Jr., who was issued a subpoena by the Senate Intelligence Committee earlier this week. All of the defensive tweets bemoaned Junior being forced to testify once again when he had already sat for 20+ hours of testimony once before.

The problem is, during those 20+ hours, he lied repeatedly. Trump’s former lawyer and “fixer” Michael Cohen brought proof of the lies Junior told during his Senate testimony, and as Cohen should know, lying to Congress is a crime.

There were, of course, some mixed-in references to Trump’s racist vanity project, the border wall, including how undocumented migrants are to be feared as dangerous drug dealers. The retweets also included misinformation about the recent Twitter purge of people spreading racist and hateful sentiments. Laura Loomer very much is banned from Twitter, but so is Louis Farrakhan.

And of course, Trump’s favorite subject, about how the Democrats committed collusion and spied on his campaign were also thrown into the mix, along with accusations against the FBI. Trump is clearly running scared.

Featured image via Flickr by macleod family under a Creative Commons license