Ocasio-Cortez Makes Paid Paternal Leave Announcement & America Is Cheering


The GOP never misses a chance to call Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) a radical or a Socialist, both of which she’s proud to be. On Mother’s Day, she unveiled her latest fight, a fight a long time in the making.

Paid maternity leave is one of the many necessary policies for a healthy society, as every other developed country in the world has acknowledged and taken action to provide. Yet the GOP has long remained resistant to the idea.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump’s oldest daughter, Ivanka, has made some noise in this area, as well. In fact, she’s even teamed up with Florida Senator Marco Rubio to write a plan for the policy, although it requires workers to draw from their Social Security benefits in order to receive that pay, a move that would force women to extend their retirement age. She’s also insisted that Republicans are behind her and praised them for their support, although it should be noted that this has been a policy Democrats have pushed for some time.

There’s nothing radical or “unusual” about Ocasio-Cortez’s desired policy, just like universal healthcare, another policy that every other developed country recognizes is good for society as a whole.

It’s a policy that’s long overdue, and one that anyone with the best interests of children and families should easily be able to get behind. With an election year on the horizon, it’s sure to be a fight that will take center stage.

Twitter was in full support, just as the majority of American voters are. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image via Flickr by nrkbeta under a Creative Commons license