Eric Trump Suffers Humiliating Public Meltdown & Gets Trolled Hard


The president’s children are exactly how they seem. Slow. They are also just like their father, in that they love to hear themselves talk. And it doesn’t matter how many times they are left looking foolish at the end of the conversation, they will not stop coming back for more.

Case in point:

Eric Trump.

Eric made the pretty huge mistake of getting into a heated Twitter debate with the mayor of NYC on Tuesday, and it was nothing short of derpy, just like you’re imagining. This is how it happened.

It all started with Mayor Bill de Blasio publicly warning the Trump Organization of the fines it faces if it does not reduce its carbon emissions, as a new NYC law states.

Eric Trump responded with a 4-tweet rant so arrogant and sissified that it’s really hard to read. Check it out below:

De Blasio shot back with this response:

Eric replied:

Psychotic, right? If he only had a job to keep him busy so he didn’t have to troll people who have jobs like a basement dwelling simpleton. People on Twitter agreed. Below are some of the best reactions to Trump’s rant: