Trump Family Attorneys Busted For Obstruction Of Justice


Everything Trump Touches Dies is the name of a book by political campaign strategist Rick Wilson. His point is the damage POTUS has done to the country, the Republicans, and even the conservative movement. Those who have spun out of this White House certainly appear stunned by the experience. Even Trump’s attorneys need attorneys, and here is why.

Trump’s former personal attorney had more than one attorney, and he still ended up in prison. The House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff (D-CA) requested that the commander-in-chief’s personal attorney Jay Sekulow and three others provide him “documents and testimony” before Congress.

What Schiff wanted to know was whether they “edited or shaped” Cohen’s erroneous statements when he lied before Congress in 2017. Cohen’s false statements involved the Trump Tower Moscow project.

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The House Intelligence Committee was especially keen to hear from “Sekulow, Donald Trump Jr.’s attorney Alan Futerfas, and Ivanka Trump’s Attorney Abbe Lowell. Schiff wrote in his May 3rd letter to them, The New York Times reported:

‘Among other things, it appears that your clients may have reviewed, shaped and edited the false statement that Cohen submitted to the Committee, including causing the omission of material facts. In addition, certain of your clients may have engaged in discussions about potential pardons in an effort to deter one or more witnesses from cooperating with authorized investigations.’

Cohen pled guilty to the charge of “lying to the House and Senate Intelligence Committees” last November. The lie was about the Trump Organization’s deal to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. This was part of his agreement with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Russian attack on the U.S. and any collusion or conspiracy between the Trump Campaign and Moscow.

When Cohen testified in the House Oversight and Reform Committee in February, he said that Trump’s attorneys had reviewed his statement and edited it. Schiff sent Sekulow and the other attorneys a letter on March 14 requesting the documents that related to Cohen’s statements, the ones he said were edited.

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Schiff also asked the men to contribute the transcripts of their interviews with the committee with a March 22 deadline. They refused:”

‘Although the Committee has important responsibilities over this country‚Äôs intelligence agencies, we are at a loss to see how that charge justifies your sweeping and unprecedented requests to our clients.’

Then, they invoked the “attorney-client privilege:”

‘Absent a sufficient justification for these requests, our clients cannot agree to provide the requested documents or submit to an interview. That is particularly true since your requests plainly target information that would fall within the attorney-client privilege and work-product privileges.’

Apparently, the attorney has not had a chance to respond to the second letter from Schiff, a senior committee official told The Hill. Schiff said that he was ready to send them a subpoena to reach their cooperation if necessary.

In his statement, Schiff wrote The Times continued:

‘Material in the Committee’s possession, as well as Michael Cohen’s Committee testimony and admissions to the Special Counsel’s Office, raise serious, unresolved concerns about the obstruction of our Committee’s investigation that we would be negligent not to pursue.’

He continued:

‘If any individual is allowed to lie to our committee or encourage others to do so, hide behind inapplicable privileges, or otherwise fail to provide anything less than full cooperation, other witnesses will be emboldened to similarly obstruct, both now and in the future. We must not allow that to happen.’

The committee chair set another deadline for May 10.

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