Trump Blows Speech & Has Gibberish Filled Humiliating Meltdown


Donald Trump has proven time and again that his public speaking style may appeal to his rabid fanbase who devotedly attend his rallies, but in moments of great importance requiring a human being with a soul, he’s the wrong choice.

On Wednesday, Trump was asked to speak at a memorial for Ronil Singh, a police officer who was shot and killed by an undocumented immigrant. He began his speech with a few seconds of acknowledgment for Singh’s family, although it didn’t show a lot of depth or sympathy.

‘So was he as great as they say? He was, he was. I had a feeling you might say that. He was, that’s what I hear from everybody.’

That ended the memorial portion of Trump’s appearance. For the rest of his speech, he bashed Democrats, demonized undocumented immigrants as a group, and performed in classic Trump style.

In other words, he gave a campaign speech with free television coverage and forgot the actual purpose of his appearance.

‘Stop catch-and-release. You catch them and you release them. That doesn’t work too well with all these great officers I’m looking at. They never heard of a thing like that. To end deadly sanctuary cities. To stop the visa lottery program where they take lottery systems and a country will put you into a lottery and then deposit you into the United States. I don’t think most countries are sending us their finest, do you agree? And that is what’s happening. That is causing tremendous problems with crime and other things.’

As some in the crowd smiled and others simply looked sickened, Trump continued with a three-minute anti-immigrant rant. There was no heart-wrenching moment in which he described the character of Singh or communicated sympathy to his family, friends, and fellow officers. There was no singing of “Amazing Grace” or insight into the loss of a fallen officer, husband, father, and friend. Instead, Trump complained that Democrats won’t just follow his orders and blamed them for throwing children in cages. It was a classic abuser’s claim: look what you’ve made me do.

‘Tremendous problems occur at the southern border, from drugs to the wrong people to being allowed to come in because of a corrupt and broken system that can be changed in 20 minutes — 20 minutes, if they want to change it. In the meantime we have to do it the tough way, there is no reason for that. That is why we are calling on Congress to fix our terrible immigration laws.’

For a video of Trump’s “eulogy,” see below:

Featured image screenshot via YouTube