Pelosi Delivers Heroic Twitter Barrage That Has The GOP Weeping


What happens when abortion is not legal? Women die, because they are forced to use wire clothes hangers or go to back-alley hacks and then bleed to death. Girls as young as nine-years-old are forced to endure rape or incest and then bear children, which is extremely dangerous as this age. Yet, these are just the byproducts of white anti-abortionist Republican men’s vote for overturning Roe v. Wade. They have a terrible motive.

Alabama just passed the most draconian legislation against women in the last 40 years. Yet, they did not agree to care for the woman during pregnancy and her child after birth. Imagine if women forced these men to abstain from sex in any of its variations. Imagine if female legislators made them pay out of pocket for their Viagra. Even the televangelists have come out against Alabama’s bill. Speaker Pelosi tweeted that “the new law is heartbreaking” and illegal:

‘Alabama’s new law is heartbreaking. Imprisoning doctors and punishing women over access to vital, legal medical care is a staggering violation of both basic morality and constitutional rights.’

Pelosi nailed the real reason why these Republican men have been taking advantage of religious protestors in her next tweet. They are “radical anti-women” lawmakers:

‘Every woman has the right to basic reproductive health care – yet Republicans have trampled over a long-standing constitutional right in their haste to push a radical anti-woman agenda.’

Arguably the most powerful woman in the country sounds as angry as tens of millions of American women. A full 70 percent of the nation, men and women, do not want Roe v. Wade overturned. Pelosi said the Alabama bill and those in other states “imperils the health of countless women:”

‘This clear and intentional violation of the Constitution directly imperils the health of countless women, and cannot be allowed to stand.’

Twitter people were not happy. Check out some of our favorite responses below: