Sanders Reveals Hatred Of FBI During Weird Morning Lash-Out (VIDEO)


On Thursday morning, Sarah Huckabee Sanders went on Fox News to continue pushing a story that she’s already admitted to lying about once during the Mueller investigation. In essence, her story is that the real criminals in the Trump/Russia probe are the people whose responsibility it was to investigate Russia’s interference in the U.S. elections.

‘I think just like most Americans we all want to know why did this start in the first place and why were they spying on the Trump campaign?’

Actually, the majority of Americans believe that the Mueller report didn’t clear Trump of any crime and believe he is lying. Those who want the FBI investigated are Trump and his supporters, who in no way make up “most Americans.” For a woman who claims that she wants her legacy as press secretary to be “honesty and transparency,” she doesn’t seem to understand how to display either of those characteristics.

Continuing with her parroting of the Trump/Fox News talking points, Sanders said:

‘If anything, it looks like if there was ever any crime committed it was probably at the beginning when this whole thing began.’

Actually, at least 10 felony crimes were laid out in the Mueller report, and all 10 were obstruction of justice crimes committed by Trump. Instead of answering for those crimes, Trump has continued attacking the investigators and the Democrats, even though Trump’s own FBI director has stated publicly that no criminal spying occurred. Trump recently tried insisting that former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper admitted that the FBI spied on Trump’s campaign, when that wasn’t what he said at all.

‘They were spying on — a term I don’t particularly like … what the Russians were doing. Trying to understand, ‘Were the Russians infiltrating? Trying to gain access? Trying to gain leverage or influence?’ Which is what they do.’

For video of Sanders’ comments on Thursday morning, see below:

Featured image screenshot via YouTube