Trump Gets Even With California During Thursday Revenge Attack


Donald Trump holds his grudges forever. He had his Attorney General William Barr start an investigation into the people in the FBI who began the Russia investigation. He still appears to salivate when people at his rally chant about Hillary Clinton “Locker her up! Locker her up! Now, POTUS has retaliated against another perceived enemy, and this is a big one.

Trump was furious that his inauguration crowd was smaller than President Barack Obama’s crowd. He was enraged at Clinton for fighting against him in the elections. Even worse, she won the popular vote by 3 million people. The president was convinced that the reason was California, and he never forgave the state with the fifth largest economy in the world.

Now, we learned that Trump has started the process of canceling almost $1 billion in federal funding for California’s high-speed rail project. He told the Federal Railroad Administration to cancel the funding, because it did not meet the terms of the grant.

Plus, the Golden State decided to drop its plan for a railway between San Francisco and Los Angeles (LA). Not only that, the White House plans to try to make the state return an additional $2.5 billion that it had already received. That would entirely undermine the entire project.

Governor Gavin Newsom said last February that there would be no way to complete the high-speed train as it was originally planned. That was when the White House started making noise about the billions of dollars in funding. However, Newsom has had no plans to abandon the project.