Graduates Walk Out On Mike Pence Mid-Commencement Address (VIDEO)


Mike Pence is not exactly the most popular vice president the nation has ever seen, not even close, in fact. His hatred of the LGBTQ community is something that simply will not stand in 2019 America, alienating Pence from at least half the nation.

That is exactly why dozens of graduates of Taylor University just walked out on their own graduation ceremony to protest Mike Pence’s commencement address.

According to Indy Star:

“Dozens of graduates and faculty at Taylor University walked out of graduation EXERCISES Saturday morning minutes before the introduction of Vice President Mike Pence, who delivered the Christian liberal arts school’s commencement address.”

“In caps and gowns, the students and faculty rose and quietly walked down the aisle and out of the auditorium in the Kesler Student Activities Center at Taylor.”

The report continues:

“Some graduates and faculty members wore stickers on their robes and hats that said, “We are Taylor too” in protest of Pence presence at the graduation ceremonies. The stickers were made by faculty in the school’s social work department.”

Check out video of the incident: