Mass Shooting Hits Seven Victims In A Crowd Of About 100


In modern-day America, it is daily that you hear of shootings in every city in the country, and mass shootings happen about once a week now as well. No longer are we safe to live our lives in peace. Now we must survey our surroundings, even in a restaurant, theater, hell, even at church. Especially at church.

Saturday morning saw more bloodshed as seven people were shot at a house party just minutes away from Ball State University in Indiana. As of now, no one has died, but at least three of the victims suffer from life-threatening injuries.

According to CNN:

“The victims include at least three people who suffered life-threatening injuries, Muncie Police Chief Joe Winkle said. Four others suffered injuries that were not life-threatening. The partygoers included students and locals.”

Twitter immediately exploded. Below are some of the tweets about the incident making their way around the internet:

According to Star Press Editor Robin Gibson, the shooter has been arrested:

More details come in from an Indiana author: