Trump Family’s Hired Hand Gives Interview Donald Can’t Fathom


These days, to anyone who has even the slightest level of intelligence, the name Trump has become synonymous with anything sub par to put it mildly. There are a number of words one might equate with Trump such as evil, dumb, trash, fool, junk, racist, or village idiot to name a few.

Apparently now the Trump brand is beginning to suffer due to what the president’s name has come to signify. David Farhenthold, a Washington Post reporter spoke to MSNBC’s Alex Whiitt about what the Trump Organization’s latest partial financial disclosures imply for the Trump brand’s viability.

Farhenhold said:

‘There were high points for him. High points generally coincided with places he visited. Places that could simply sell access to the president, along with golf.’

Whitt then asked:

‘Specifically, earlier this week you wrote about Trump’s Doral resort and the steep decline that took place after the president took office. What is status of that? What happened there, and where does it stand now?’

Farhenthold answered:

‘Doral is the opposite of what I just talked about. This is a place that has to survive with Trump’s name, but can’t sell access to the presidency. He never goes there. His people never go there. There’s no way by going there you will run into the president and put an idea in his ear.’

He went on to say:

‘What we found, looking at data the Trump Administration gave themselves to Miami-Dade county in Florida, was a steep decline after he got into the presidential election. So the money left over after paying expenses dropped by 69 percent at the time.

‘The reason for the decline — the Trump Organization hired a representative to tell the county what accounted for this decline, and she said it’s clear, the reason for the decline is Trump. He’s that unpopular.’

Witt said:

‘You’re saying branding, the name Trump, lost value. You don’t hear that much from somebody who has this kind of a position and association with Trump, right?’

Farhenthold replied:

‘Right. It’s really interesting. She was so clear in the meeting, the answer is Trump, he’s the reason we’re in decline. But if you ask the Trump Organization, Eric Trump himself, no, of course not. Every property they have a different excuse, never the Trump name. In Chicago it’s because of gun violence, in Miami the resort is poor because of Zika and the weather. They have an excuse every time. For them, it’s never the name.’

Watch the MSNBC interview below:

According to Jonathan Asher, executive vice president at marketing firm Perception Research Services International Inc:

‘The man is the brand and some of what the man is saying in terms of his beliefs and behaviors are bringing that brand into question. He’s probably going to be hurt bad by all of this.’

According to NBC:

‘But if Trump has damaged the “Trump” brand, it could be devastating for his business.

‘He controls more than 500 companies in many fields including residential real estate, hotels, resorts. Of that, 268 bear his last name. His name is also on numerous products from ties to energy drinks to steaks.

‘And many of his customers aren’t happy.’

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