Trump Has 8 Rage Tweet Sunday Afternoon Mental Breakdown (IMAGES)


Donald Trump’s Twitter feed is often an alarming mishmash of random comments that speak to the inner workings of a truly frightening mind, especially considering that mind is now in control of the United States government. Saturday’s rant ranged from the mind-boggling to the criminally insane, and anyone watching it should already have their plans made to vote in 2020.

In just a few tweets, Trump went from decrying to biased news media, to announcing an interview on Fox News, to complaining that Fox News allows for discussion of Democratic candidates. Trump doesn’t hate biased news, he loves it, but only when it’s biased on his behalf.

His nickname for Pete Buttigieg, by the way, is actually pretty funny. Not because it’s fitting or it’s any less juvenile than any of the other grade school bully nicknames he’s invented for other political adversaries, but that his major complaint about the mayor of South Bend is that he’s everything Trump isn’t: young and smart. Not to mention, he’s very well-liked by the people he serves. Trump, with his low approval ratings and dedicated detractors, knows that he cannot measure up.

Trump’s complaints about reports that a plan was discussed around sending migrants who are already in the country has already been confirmed. Not only did an official from the Department of Homeland Security say that the plan was discussed but is not currently in the works, Trump himself confirmed that he intended to send detained migrants to sanctuary cities.

The most alarming of Trump’s Saturday tweets, however, are about Iran. After pulling the deal that curtailed Iran’s building of nuclear weapons, a deal with which Iran was very much in compliance with when Trump took office, Trump is now goading the country into war. His promises that this will be “the end of Iran,” as if this were a video or sports game at the end of which one player will dominate and the other will be defeated, ignores the 81 million civilians of Iran who will be caught in the crossfire.

We can laugh when Trump acts like a child and tells ridiculous lies, but not when he makes threats to kill millions of people.

Twitter was quick to respond to Trump’s Saturday nonsense rants. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image screenshot via YouTube