Trump Rage Tweets At Sunday News Shows & Humiliates Himself In Seconds


Donald Trump has repeated that the press is “fake news” and the “enemy of the people,” but he has just started off on a more destructive tack. POTUS claimed that anonymous sources are made up, they do not exist. That is funny given that most of those anonymous sources come out of the White House, and some even come from him. Does that mean he is the enemy of the people and his words are made up? Probably, especially in his latest tweets.

The president tweeted “fake news Sunday political shows” were filled with “bias and dishonesty:

‘For all of the Fake News Sunday Political Shows, whose bias & dishonesty is greater than ever seen in our Country before, please inform your viewers that our Economy is setting records, with more people employed today than at any time in U.S. history, our Military, which….’

Then, Trump started slapping himself on the back with his supposed wins:

‘….was a depleted disaster, will soon be stronger than ever before, our Vets are finally being taken care of and now have Choice, our Courts will have 145 great new Judges, and 2 Supreme Court Justices, got rid of the disastrous Individual Mandate & will protect Pre-Existing….’

One tweet was not enough to console himself with. He continued:

‘….Conditions, drug prices down for first time in 51 years (& soon will drop much further), Right to Try, protecting your 2nd Amendment, big Tax & Reg Cuts, 3.2 GDP, Strong Foreign Policy, & much much more that nobody else would have been able to do. Our Country is doing GREAT!’

Twitter world went crazy. Check out some of our favorites below: