Trump To Appeal Monday Ruling, But Guess Who The Appeals Judge Is


Unsurprisingly, the same president who insists that he’s running “the most transparent administration in history” is fighting desperately to keep his past (and present) a secret. The courts do not seem to be amenable to helping him in that regard.

In blatant moves to circumvent the Constitutional mandate requiring congressional oversight of the executive branch, Trump has ignored subpoenas and demanded that people in his administration refuse to comply with orders. On Tuesday, Trump’s former White House attorney Don McGahn, who once threatened to quit because Trump was asking him to “do crazy sh*t,” failed to appear in front of Congress despite a subpoena after the White House ordered him not to appear.

On Monday, a judge ruled against Trump in his efforts to conceal his financial records. Less than 24 hours later, Trump’s attorneys are appealing the ruling.

CNN reports that:

‘President Donald Trump’s attorneys are appealing a ruling by a federal judge ordering an accounting firm to turn over his financial records from before he was President to the Democratic-controlled House Oversight Committee.

A federal judge named Merrick Garland, once Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court, will choose whether to hear or dismiss the appeal. As of today, the firm subpoenaed for documents has just six days to comply.

‘The President’s attorneys have filed the notice of appeal Tuesday, less than a day after losing their case against the subpoena in DC District Court.’

Trump, of course, is pushing back against the lower court’s ruling. He’s not arguing the merits of the decision, most likely because he doesn’t understand what the merits are, anyway. Instead, he’s going with the argument that the ruling is unfair because the judge in the case was appointed by President Obama. That’s unlikely to hold up in court.

POLITICO reports that:

‘Speaking with reporters at the White House on Monday, Trump called Mehta’s ruling “ridiculous” and “totally wrong.” He also noted that Mehta was appointed by President Barack Obama.’

Featured image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license