Trump Tweets About Pathetic Monday Night Rally & Gets Mocked


Mr. Trump held a campaign rally on Monday night in Pennsylvania, and joked that he could potentially serve a fifth term with his supporters help. He also slammed Democrats in Congress and those running in 2020 calling them “socialist whackos.”

Trump boasted about the crowd size in Montoursville, Pennsylvania, although it was anything but impressive. He tweeted this picture:

Trump told his crowd of supporters:

‘We ran one time and we’re ‘1-and-0’ — but it was for the big one. Now we’re going to have a second time. And we’re going to have another one. And then we’ll drive them crazy.

‘Maybe if we really like it a lot — and if things keep going like they’re going — we’ll go and we’ll do what we have to do: we’ll do a three and a four and a five.’

Pennsylvania was crucial to Trump’s 2016 victory. On Monday night, he continued to falsely champion the U.S. economy saying:

‘When you’ve had the best employment numbers in history, when you have the best unemployment numbers in history. When you have the best economy we’ve ever had — how the hell do you lose this election?’

Before the president took the stage, Donald Trump Jr. came out to work up the crowd by mentioning the Mueller report:

‘They still can’t let it go. God knows I gotta deal with that one myself despite 30 hours of testimony.

‘I’ve done, you know, 25 to 30 hours of testimony in front of multiple committees, Senate, Congress. The Mueller report cites my congressional testimony. They cite my Senate testimony. Think about it. They cite my stupid Twitter account.’

Here’s what Twitter had to say about the crowd size:

Featured image is a screenshot from YouTube