Trump’s 2020 Campaign Takes Premature Nosedive & He’s Pissed


Even among polls that predicted Trump’s win in 2020, his numbers are in a sharp decline after two years of dishonesty, rants, and evidence of criminal activity. His approval numbers are falling, disapproval rising, and most voters say they wouldn’t even consider voting for him in 2020.

Image via Five Thirty-Eight

Trump’s numbers aren’t just falling in blue states. Red states, especially in the Rust Belt, look bleak. Even in Texas, Trump looks to be struggling. Newsweek reports that:

‘In a general election race in Texas, Trump got 49 percent while Biden got 50 percent, according to an Emerson Poll released Monday. Trump tied at 50 percent with former Texas representative Beto O’Rourke, an El Paso native. Trump was not too far ahead of other Democrats—51 percent versus 49 percent for Senator Bernie Sanders, 53 percent versus 47 percent for Senator Elizabeth Warren, 54 percent versus 46 percent for Senator Kamala Harris and 54 percent versus 46 percent for Mayor Pete Buttigieg.’

Image via Five Thirty-Eight

Trump’s foreign policy stance is also not winning him any new voters this time around and may even have lost him a significant percentage of the voters who supported him in 2016. An Axios poll showed that:

‘46% believe Trump has made America less safe, compared to 38% who say he’s made the country safer. Meanwhile, 57% believe he has made America less respected around the world, while 67% worry he “lacks the temperament we need in a commander in chief.”’

The Mueller investigation is also hanging over Trump’s head going into 2020, with more voters saying that the evidence proved Trump did commit a crime than those who believe he didn’t. According to POLITICO:

‘The poll shows a plurality of voters, 47 percent, think Trump “tried to impede or obstruct the investigation into whether his campaign had ties to Russia” — despite the fact that Special Counsel Robert Mueller didn’t reach a decision on the question. Thirty-nine percent don’t think Trump tried to impede the investigation, and 14 percent don’t know or had no opinion about whether Trump tried to obstruct the investigation.’

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The majority of those polled also said that they would definitely not According to The Week:

‘In an ABC News/Washington Post poll released Tuesday, 56 percent of Americans said they would definitely not vote to re-elect Trump in 2020, while only 28 percent said they definitely will vote for him. A previous NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll asked the same question and found that 57 percent of voters are sure they will not back Trump in 2020.’

Image via The Washington Post

Even more importantly, polls show that among likely Republican or Republican-leaning voters, a significant number answered that they would prefer a different GOP candidate to the current president.

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